(Mostly) Native floral bouquet

It is one of my team mate’s birthday this week. She is nicknamed my mini-me and loves anything handmade and is crafty herself.

I didn’t have time to make what I wanted to make her, as my fabric order ended up being a bit of a disaster.

My partner and I bought an overgrown acre and a half property two years ago, that we have been doing bush regeneration work on with Australian natives and endemic Australian species. My only caveat was that I wanted lots of stunning flowers and beautiful foliage.
This armed me with the tools to create a native bouquet.

My partner is a horticulturalist and knows all of the botanical names, but the common names of what I’ve used are:
Moonshine Grevillea
Wilderness white Callistemon
Captain Cook Callistemon (could also be a wildfire one)
Qld blue gum leaves
Blue wattle leaves

I do have some Bambino Bougainvillea, which I’ve included three branches of. Two of my white variety and one variegated with orange/red flowers.

It wouldn’t be an office birthday, without one of my cakes. This is a chocolate macadamia upside down cake (one of my neighbours works at a macadamia farm). I added more icing sugar to the top.


Beautiful!! Such a unique combination of shapes and textures. I love it.

Your coworker is sure to feel special. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Very cool, and yay for such nice bonus perks to re-wilding! :green_heart:

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The bouquet is stunning! Those flowers are gorgeous. The cake looks scrumptious, too!

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That bouquet is gorgeous!

And the cake looks so tasty! (Is there any way you’d be willing to share the recipe? :star_struck:)

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Thank you. My partner and I always disagree about plants, but he has won me over with some of the beautiful natives we have. I am now trying to do a native cottage garden in one of my garden beds.

Always happy to share :slight_smile:

It is just an Australian Women’s Weekly recipe Macadamia & Chocolate upside down cake

Their normal chocolate cake recipe is one of my favourites, it never goes wrong.

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:balloon: :balloon: :balloon: Congrats! This fantastic project is featured this week :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

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Aww, thank you :heart:

The flowers are so unique and beautiful! And the cake looks wonderful as well

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I love everything above your flowers. It looks like a fireworks explosion in the best way.

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Wow, truly stunning. :heart_eyes:

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