Mother's Day Kids Craft - Thank You Sign

Here’s a fun Mother’s Day craft I created with my kids. It was a great way to show a mother, grandmother or special person in your children’s world exactly how much they are loved! We kept this on our refrigerator and changed out the “feelings” cards daily.

Supplies Needed:
– 2 Large Foam Hearts
– Hole Punch
– Decorative Ribbon
– Foam Flowers
– 8 1/2 x 11 Card Stock
– Velcro
– Adhesive Magnets

Foam Heart Pocket:

  1. Align 2 foam hearts together and make holes using hole punch on bottom portion of the hearts.
  2. Thread ribbon through the holes in both hearts, tighten to secure and form a pocket for the “feelings” cards.
  3. Decorate the foam heart pocket with foam flowers.

Feelings Cards & “You Made Me” Sign:

  1. Download and print Feelings Cards & “You Made Me” sign.
  2. Cut apart the feelings cards and place in heart pocket.
  3. Add velcro to center of “You Made Me” sign and to back of all feelings cards.
  4. Add magnets to back of “You Made Me” sign & heart pocket to display on refrigerator.

awww, isn’t this sweet! It makes me think that @smmarrt might like something like this for her pre-school kiddos (maybe next year we’ll be in school then?)

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Thanks - Looks like a great community with lots of creative ideas!

This is excellent!!! Thank you for the tutorial and the link!!

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