Motion Shorts by Greenstyle Creations

I made these shorts for my partner’s kid! He is in that size range where he is kinda in between kids and adults, but needs the adult because he is getting so tall!

So I made the smaller size of the shorts with some athletic fabric and mesh that I got from Made of Love Fabrics. Specifically for him!

I have put more pictures and information on my blog: Motion Shorts – Athena's Musings


They’re so bright :sunglasses:. What a perfect solution for the ‘in between sizes’ issue. You did a great job on these!


I wish I could make clothes…What a useful skill! The shorts look great!

These are great and he looks pretty stoked about wearing them!

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These came out awesome! And a kid that age excited about something you made? That’s a win.

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Definitely a win! They look great, fit great… and it doesn’t look like that smile could get any bigger!

Awesome! (My brother hung out in that “too tall for kids, too skinny for mens” size range for way too long-- my mother’s solution was to order Lands End jeans unhemmed which gave her an extra 6" or something to work with. These look like way more fun, tho!)

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Congrats! Your Motion Shorts are one of this week’s featured projects! :tada:

Those are nicely done and I think the bright fabric is fun!

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