Mountain Scenery

I got some paint for Christmas and this was my first time using it. I wanted to make mountains and I thought that making a mountain scenery would look really cool.

And so I created this … !!!


You know that I love mountains, so you know I am really ecstatic this is your first piece with your new paint. Now I am really sad that this might live in your room…surely we can hang it in the living room! :mountain:

So glad you got some art supplies for Christmas! That is what I got as well!

Maybe it is time to do another personal swap using our new paints!

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That would be fun!!!

Lovely! I think one of my first paintings was also of mountains and sky, that’s terrific subject matter.
Have you watched any Bob Ross painting videos? Those are really inspiring and usually there’s a mountain or two, and also lots of pretty trees.

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