Move Swap Rules and Signup Form into Swap Section and Add "Swap Rules" Tag

I was just looking for the Swap Rules and Swap Signup form within the Swaps section of Crafty Shenanigans and struggled a bit. Would it be possible to move the swap rules and swap signup form into the swap section and possibly add a “swap rules” tag so that people might be able to find them easier? I did a search and found them within the “crafty shenanigans” main page, but right now those are separate from the actual swaps…probably formed before you all knew that the crafty shenanigans were going to grow so much!


It looks like the post was pinned (so it appears at the top)? Is that what you’re seeing as well?

And if I need to find something quickly, I usually use the search tool (because I am lazy and such) :roll_eyes:
I love that the search function on LC is much more intuitive than what they had on the old site!

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I’ll second this idea as it makes sense to align the three.

The search index works fine, but navigation, tags, and structure contribute to overall site health.

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Okies, moved them directly into Swaps, left pinned & tagged them #swap-rules :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: