Multi-Layered Lotus

This took me all day up until now and a few hours last night to complete. There are eight layers all together and is my first time trying one of these. I will be doing many more!


That is stunning!! Is each layer just one sheet of paper?

Yes. Lining them up was a bit of a pain. Not perfect but I did my best.

This is gorgeous

Want. BIG want. This is crazy good; I love it.

The lotus is really beautiful.

Wow, that is stunning indeed! Amazing level of detail.

Holy moly - this is gorgeous!

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Wow! I’m impressed that you managed to get your papers off the cutting mat intact, it’s so intricate!

This is absolutely gorgeous!

Wowwow! That looks like it took all day and a few hours last night! The weeding! The taking off the cutting mat! The precision placement! Dude.

Did you use a light grip mat?
What type of glue did you use?
Where did you get the files?

WOW! Did I say, β€œwow”?

So pretty! Love the layered effect!!

I used the green grip mat for these. I actually did not use any glue but small pieces of double sided tape so I wouldn’t have to wait for glue to dry. The file is from a shop on Etsy called MaWoodShop. Lots of awesome files there. I bought a few :smiley:

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Oh my! I can imagine getting all the little cut out bits off that mat! And then not all over everywhere! I will check out that shop, THANK YOU!

Holy moly, this is beautiful!!

That is gorgeous and all the layering, wow!