Mushroom Crazy Needlebook

I got a bit behind in making all of the fabulous mushroom projects that I had pinned through out the year. I did manage to make a couple of things but the rest will have to be added to my 2021 list!

Since I am going to be doing a lot more cross stitch projects, I decided I needed a needlebook just to keep track of the special blunted needles. I added a little pocket to hold my needle threaders as well.


This is really cool. I especially like how you stitched the grass. Well done.

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I am not a precise embroiderer so I did the grass to sort of cover up my uneven stitching…lol…I really am more of a stab stitcher but I try other stitches from time to time…lol…you can really see the uneven stitching in the pocket…oh well…it works! lol

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Charming! I need a needle threader pocket, mine is safety-pinned on.

I bought a pack of 100 and have them scattered all over my space…I am saving the metal pieces that result when they break to do another project…I even pin some to my bulletin board…I can’t thread a needle anymore without them!


Omg this is the cutest thing! I waaaant!!

Adorable!!! I love functional things that are cute and this is definitely both of those!

I agree with the others, this is super cute! I would feel inspired to use these needles in projects just so I could bring out the cute mushroom book!

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I am doing four very large cross stitches for 2021 when I hopefully can see my family in PA again. I am not normally a cross stitcher so it will be quite a challenge for me. I bought special needles (who knew needles came in blunt!)…thread and heritage linen…since it will be a long term project, I just got a basket to put everything in to be handy…this is a nice size as well…about the size of your palm…so it shouldn’t get lost or mistaken for a cat toy…my cats tend to think every felt ornament is for them!

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This turned out so cute! I especially like the pocket for needle threaders. Smart!!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you stitch up! If I ever start cross stitching, blunt needles sound like the way to go!

This is downright adorable!

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I love this! Such a cute idea.

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