Musical Icons Pocket Letter

I picked here instead of the ATC thread because, to me, these fit here better. They are art because I drew them and not so much a paper craft.
I made these for the mini Pocket Letter Swap. My partner was @curiousfae and she wanted rock icons. She sent me a few suggestions and I really wanted to try. I don’t draw men as well as women so I like to try when I get the chance.

They are Bowie, Prince, and Elvis. Yes, Elvis looks like he had a stroke, but I did the best I could. We are all works in progress and I am still trying. LOL!
I added the musical notes on top of the card protector to help them flow together, and I think it worked. Here they are before I painted teh backgrounds silver and added the musical notes.
And here is a pic before I cut them to ATC size. I liked Prince better in the full version.

and some random angled views just for the fun of it. :crazy_face:

Uploading: 0806221231c.jpg…

I had a lot of fun making these for the swap! Thanks for hosting @geekgirl. I hope we have more!


These are so awesome! The ATCs are just stunning and the musical notes on top of the protector are just the right amount of detail to tie them together. Did you pick a particular song?

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They are all so fabulous, as all your artwork is. But that Prince one is just amazing! Love the way you integrated the cards by adding the music on the sleeves.

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No. That was my original idea, but I don’t know enough about music and musical notes, so I just did what looked good in my head. LOL!


Lovely job! I could tell who each one was. I’m sure Elvis had off days and looked just like that! :slight_smile:

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These are so phenomenal! I love them so much! And I think Elvis just looks like he’s tired. That dude rocked HARD. Very exhausting I’m sure.

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These are amazing! Prince is the best! I mean they are all great, but he’s my fave. And love the decoration on the outside of the letter!

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