My ATC Blitz cards for Blitz#5

I did a theme this time. Apparently I like mermaids. And I assure you all the cards have straight edges and 90 degree angles, but they are watercolor masterboards, and some of them aren’t lying super flat just yet. :wink:

1/6 Myths

2/6 Bubbles

3/6 Positive Vibes

4/6 Monochromatic

5/6 Under the Sea

6/6 Houses (with special thanks to @gozer for the lighthouse idea!)


I love these so much!

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Love these!

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Thanks, ladies!!

love the mash up of vintage gals with mermaid tails!

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These are so fun!!

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Thank you!!

These are so awesome! The sailor suit siren looks so wicked!

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Look at all those fancy fish ladies! The backgrounds look great. Nice and watery.

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