My Best Friends

During the past year the one thing that I didn’t have was my friends around me. BUT…the one thing I DID have was toilet paper rolls, lots and lots of toilet paper rolls and washi tape. So, turning lemons into lemonade I decided that since I couldn’t be with my besties, I would just make a little doll in their likeness (to be used for good, not evil). Say hello to Tata and Lil’ Lisa. They are loosely based on my two best friends @TheMistressT and @Lisasteatime. We have had lots of fun together.

They have their very own little air BnB.

We decided to have a nice tea party in the lemon grove.

We also decided to create a Halloween dress for when we can trick or treat again.
IMG_1884 (1)

While I can’t wait to see my real besties again, these little gals will have to do. Did I mention what good listeners they are?



So sweet!

The tea party :joy:

Awwwww! Sipping tea and dishing side-eye! That’s us!

Build your own friend, I love it!

Cute! Love the tea party!

I loves them. The way they look at each other. :heart_eyes:

How cool to have TP friends during this time…hope you don’t give them up when you can see your real friends soon! They stuck by you…

Great photoshoot! I love the expressions on their faces - they look like they could be trouble!

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Eagerly awaiting Tata and Lil’ Lisa’s talk show.


TP buddies, yayyy! Can’t wait to tipple tea together again soon! <3


Best friends ever!

:dizzy: Oooooh yeaaaaaah! Your wonderful project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :revolving_hearts:

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Aw! How precious! :grin: :two_hearts: Love how they blend with your other miniature making projects!

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They look suspicious of you! LOL! Such fun!