My D&D projects

I made a map of an imaginary world I created called wonderfade, I’m also making a dnd wonderfade campaign and while making this map I detailed it to where I can zoom in on where the players are and show where they are along with their surroundings over discord


I’m just gonna use this thread to post all my current and future D&D crafts and projects, for example this book I made that was inspired by D&D and the Renaissance festival.


These are awesome! My teenage sons play D&D and they woudlbbe envious of your creations.


Thx, the book was pretty easy just leather, cardboard and stained paper (and crochet cotton), and I made the map in adobe photoshop


Nice job! I think your map is really imaginative and I love your book!

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Wow! wonderfade is soo cool! Way to take your gaming to the next level.

Oh, man! So cool! Love the vibe of the book and your map is great. Sounds like an interesting campaign.

How did you make the map? Is it part of a game? Love the pyramid.
The book is awesome! The weathered pages give it a pirate feel.

Thank you, I made the map in Adobe Photoshop by zooming in and drawing with smaller brushes for more detail, so that we can zoom in while playing and pin point where the characters would be

Thanks a lot, and yes it’s is pretty interesting so far, quests ranging from rescuing a cat to fight a bear made of stone boulders

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