My December 2019 ATCs

I was in a crafting funk but when I learned another craft site was closing down I got into the last ATC swap and made these :slightly_smiling_face:


Made from one of my first masterboard backgrounds, some watch face pieces, and a quote from a Sherlock Holmes book. It reads “Now is the dramatic moment of fate”


Masterboard background, metal embellishments, and ephemera. “trust” that everything will work out in the end :wink::kissing_heart: (and here we are, on Lettuce Craft!)


Made from masterboard pieces from myself and others. Quote reads "Let nothing dim the light that shines from within by Maya Angelou.

“Kind Advice”

Quote reads “Be giving, forgiving, compassionate, and loving”. Made with masterboard, puffy stickers, and postage stamp.

“Happy Hexagons” #2 of infinity

“Happy Hexagons” #3 of infinity

I love making these “Happy Hexagon” cards and started numbering them out of infinity so I never have to stop :sweat_smile: Made from masterboard pieces from myself and others.

Thanks for looking!!! :kissing_heart:


Your masterboard backgrounds are just so gorgeous…the embellishments are icing on the already beautiful cake!

Love love the hexies…

Ohhh these are beautiful!
(And I have a feeling a lot of us were brought out of a crafting funk with this whole ordeal… :confused: )

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This one came to me and I needed to receive it. <3

I love the hexagon ones and what a great way to use up some master boards

DRAMATIC MOMENT OF FATE. so much truth there.

also, those hexies are hawwwttt

I love the idea of using quilting patterns as the base for papercrafts. I have a friend at work that does something similar with traditional quilting block squres. Great job!

The Trust one came to me, and it is so perfect. I love the hexie ones.

They are all fantastic, but I think I love the hexies best. Well done.

The Happy Hexagons! Those are great.

I’m so happy that people like the hexagons! I’ll need to keep a list of who I’ve made them for so I can keep track once we start ATC swapping here :grin:

The Sherlock Holmes moment-of-fate one came to me and is even cooler in person. (Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a deer stalker emoji, but I’d use it here if there was.)

Crafting funk sucks, hopefully these ATC’s helped :smiley: My favourite is Happy Hexagons #2, because of the colours, but they are all beautiful, I think my second favourite is Trust