My Favorite Things Swap

Years ago when I was on Instagram, for a few Decembers I enjoyed a x Essentials for 20_xx_ swap where you choose x number of things you consider essential get your partner started for the new year. It was fun, but a large swap.

I propose a “Christmas in July” inspired My Favorite Things swap. This idea is loosely based off the famous Sound of Music song-name only!

We could do a poll on details, but I’m tentatively thinking it should be 1-2 crafted items that are things you love or love to make, and the other 3 (5 total) can be purchased items that are done of your favorite things. They can be craft related or not.

An example package could be: zip pouch, chap stick, pens, notecard set, atc

Is there any interest, and if so, maybe make this all 5 smalls as a minimum? You would be able to start crafting/shopping before-hand.

I know it’s kinda like gozer’s proposed LC swap, but if there’s interest, I’m thinking we could do send outs mid-July or so.


That sounds like fun to me!


So you are crafting your own favorites, not your partners’ favorites?


Yes, that is the idea.


Yay!! I love this idea.

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Sounds fun!

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There’s not seeming to be a whole lot of interest. Would we want to move forward with this as a small swap or table it?

I’m probably not in on this one. I have the prior commitment to the LC Grab Bag in July (have already started crafting those items) and I’m finding that I don’t like to do back-to-back swaps that are too similar (except, apparently, ATC swaps).

I’m wondering if there would be more interest if it was more a “your favorite things” and you list x number of things you like and your partner crafts at least 1 and buys/crafts the rest. I think there is a good majority here that likes to craft for someone specifically as opposed to open ended.

It’d then kinda be like the make-a-friend/Scavenger hunt etc style.

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I like the idea of it being a half and half, where you do something of your partner’s favorites and then introduce them to something of yours too.
I think if you started the swap you would get more people than will respond on here.