My First Crochet Bear!

I decided to help my mom with her operation use up yarn, plus she asked if I wanted to learn how to make a pumpkin bear. I said yes.

I chose to make it a blue and purple bear, just to make things interesting, with some button eyes.

Well, here it is …

The body isn’t as rounded as @Lynx2Lancer’s pumpkin bears but it’s as cute as it is weird.

(Note: my mom helped me a lot to get the shape and stitches of the bear.)

I still think it’s really cute!!!


You did a great job! Starting out with amigurumi is a pretty big deal! He’s a fun(ny) guy! Now we know that single crochet only around the belly won’t be as round as the pattern! Oh well! I’m proud of you!


VERY cute! I love your colors, too!

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Haha. Some of my most favorite things/people are cute and weird. Love it! I can’t wrap my head around amigurumi…good for you!


It’s adorable!

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Super cute and I love the colors!

Too legit to knit! :yarn:

This is great! I am so pleased at the thought of you learning crochet with your mom. Both of our teens have expressed interest but not followed through, maybe this will be inspiration for them to make something cute and weird too :smile:.

There are a lot of really great video tutorials out there that I’ve used over the years to learn how to make shapes and different stitches. You really can create whatever you want out of crochet!

I always thought this topic would made a mind-blowing school project; crochet has been used for scientific applications that yielded the most incredible results. It was actually considered impossible to isometrically embed the hyperbolic plane until some smart girl imagined it in crochet. Basically, that’s a ruffly shape and it’s so simple to do, ha! Scientists ain’t got nothing on us yarnies, lol.
For real, crochet makes the impossible, possible!

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Awww! You did a great job!

So sweet! Well done!!

What a fun little charmer!

So cool! I love the colors and its unique personality.

What a cutie cute little bear!