My First Junk Journal

I started getting interested in junk journaling about 2-ish months ago. I completed (but not filled up all the way) my first full-size journal and want to share. Here are a couple pics - the cover, and one of the pages:


And here is where I get a little shy, BUT… I also did a video (my first video and it shows, but you have to start somewhere…) of a flip for the whole thing. I am sort of considering maybe doing Twitch craft-alongs down the road and wanted to get a feel for how it looked.

Anyway, the video can be seen here if you are interested. Constructive feedback definitely welcome.


I watched your video. I think you did an excellent job…your speaking voice is clear, no annoying prattle, simple and clear explanations, and fast and to the point…well done!

I really love many of the pages you did and found the best thing I enjoyed was your incorporating your notes into the journal instead of re-writing them! Also love the instruction sheets with the folded and painted parts…and your samples…and that you gave credit to other junk journal artists and referenced them for yourself…

So many things…the variety of papers…the simple embellishments…

You have a great reference guide you are building for yourself…I can see many junk journals in your future!

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It is awesome!
I skimmed through your video and saved watching all of it it for later, but my first impression was: this is great!


Oooh! These are so fun to go through. I loved the pages that opened and had extras on them in the video!


Wow thanks @AIMR! This is so encouraging (you always are!!). I have watched so many videos where I am completely annoyed by the presenter and I have to mute it, so I think that it just affected me subconsciously to try not to do the annoying things they did - your positive feedback about the presentation itself really highlighted for me that this happened :smiley: And I really appreciate your input about the specific details. I will keep everything you said in mind going forward.

@gozer thanks - it is really helpful to hear what people like, becasue then I feel ggod about making sure to incorporate the same thing into future projects, so: folds-outs :white_check_mark:

@madebyBeaG Thank you for the support!!


Love this–and great job with the video too, it really highlights all the details (flaps, washi tape, and paper underneath, etc.). I LOVE seeing the inside of other people’s journals and this was no exception. It’s so interesting and I love all the cool details this one has. Well done!


Love this! I need to watch the video. I love junk journals.


Beautiful! You should share more pictures of your work. It’s lovely.

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You are all so kind! Thanks so much for the feedback and compliments @Joywritesbooks and @kittykill

As far as posting more @MistressJennie , the only others I have made are 2 minis (soft cover and only 1 signature). I sent one as happy mail to GeekGirl whom posted pictures of it just today in the Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 thread if you want to take a peek. When I make more, I’ll be sure to post after all this encouragement :smiley: