My first oil painting

I love watching Bob Ross paint and always wanted to try it myself. So I bought the things needed to give it a go. Here is my first attempt.

Oil is a lot different than acrylics! It will take lots of practice to get it to turn out how I see it, but it’s not a bad first attempt.


Isn’t Bob Ross wonderful?
I applaud jumping in with both feet and giving it a go! I haven’t done a lot of painting myself (and never with oils!), but it always surprises me how the materials behave differently than I expect. I like how you used different shades in the trees and banks to give depth and texture. Good job!

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I remember oils being difficult from school. You did a great job and got a lot of movement in the water!

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I liked oils when I tried it at school. The worst part was how stinky it got when an entire class painted with oil… Very nice first try there!

Wonderful first attempt! I especially like the wispy clouds! Can’t wait to see more.

Happy little trees

Oh well done!! Look forward to seeing more :art: :sparkles: :evergreen_tree: