My first ever!

A friend gave me a full quilling kit this am. I have never quilled before, nor had she, but its full of templates and quilling tools and a lot of paper.

So as a thank you to her I made a little card up she can decorate her cubicle at work or something

Not perfect but its oddly addictive!


It’s just darling! Congratulations on your first one and new hobby!

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Nice job! No one would ever guess it’s your first quilling ever!

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That’s lovely!
And a great result for a first try!
I used to do a lot of quilling back in the 1980s (on cards, photo frames, boxes, even on empty egg shells).

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Very pretty. and yes, very fun and addicting. I have so many paper strips waiting for me to make things with. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. Endless possibilities.

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:rainbow: Well, lookie here! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fire:

Cool hopefully more pick it up! Its not the best example but its really pretty simple entry into a new craft

Quilling isn’t easy. It looks so pretty. I love the text you added too.

Honestly I had to google what all the stuff was! Its a tool box full of supplies. I knew the basics of what the paper and quilling tools looked like but there’s boarder makers, the plastic templates for shapes, quilting combs, a buildable template for any shape you’d like. I had NO IDEA there was so much one could do!

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I have a friend who quills - and she makes the most beautiful cards. I’ve never tried it. But, your flower is just so pretty.

VERY impressive for a first project

Your quilling flower is very beautiful. :heart_eyes:

Congratulations! Your project was one of the Best of 2021! Yoooooou ROCK!

I love that you made her a thank you card from the kit! So sweet.