My first snowman 2021

Taking advantage of the beautiful winter weather today, and drawing some inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes, I built my first snowman of the year.

On my carport roof!

It’s a bit hard to take pictures of something white against a white background.

Here’s the comic strip that I had in mind

I had loads of fun building it. And standing on the roof was the perfect position to bombard my kids with snowballs.


AWESOME! The little fingers & “hair” gave me quite the giggle. YEY for Calvin & Hobbes!

I am envious of your snow! We have hardly any so far this year - and even when we have lots, it’s usually not at all good for building anything.


That’s pretty funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

OH! Hahahahaha! That is the BEST!

This is fantastic! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks everyone!

Bright sunshine today made me add a new pic.


I love this!

Hahahaha. Awesome.

Congrats, your project is featured this week!

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Oh, wow, Calvin and Hobbes has always been my favorite newspaper comic, and this is so great! Super cute!! :slight_smile:

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Love it!

Wintertime fun…NAILED IT!

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I’m sure those driving by that see it have gotten a kick out of it. Especially children, they notice everything.

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Ow, he’s awesome!

Oh man, I always loved all of Calvin’s snow creations! I had forgotten about this guy. What a great location for him!

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This is completely amazing, lololol. LOVE IT

I love this!!! I wish I had made a snowman with all of the snow we had had a couple of weeks ago.

How did I miss seeing this?!? It is SO awesome!!! I’m working night shift and had to show my coworker. He loved it, too.

How fun you brought it to life! I knew the reference comic strip before you posted it so great job!!