My First Steampunk Outfit

I used a the ‘wrong side’ of thrifted Chinese-style robe for the jacket (with the original buttons & loops) & the bustle. The corset was purchased and modified slightly (I replaced the black ribbon edging & lacing with blue and added a bit of lace on the top of the bodice.) I also purchased the opera glasses. The skirt & chain belt were also thrifted. The pin is vintage, from my mother’s vast collection.

The accessories, because steampunk is all about the accessories:

The shoulder strap on the purse was cut to make the loops and the corset’s matching g-string covers the flap!

The necklace, earrings, flask holder and bustle ‘pillow’ were me-made.

The pocket watch started out as a solid perfume locket, it now has a leather lining & a working watch.

I also steam-punked a fascinator, gun and, of course, goggles.


Wow, so super cool! Everything works so well together, too. Is there an event coming up that will give you a reason to wear it “out in the world” and collect compliments on it? It’s really great!

What an amazing ensemble!

This is fabulous

So fun!! I’m sure you will rock it.

Thanks for the kind comments.

I started it for a Comic-Con in the ‘before times’ - you know, when going into a packed conference centre was no big deal. But my God-daughter scheduled the gender revel for her first child on the same day, so it was moved to the ‘not a priority’ pile.

I finally finished it in the early days of the pandemic, to be ready for Comic-Con in May '20! That didn’t happen… or Comic-Con '21… I finally wore it to a small steampunk gathering. And to a Halloween party last year, where only one person had ever heard of steampunk.

I am on the lookout for upcoming events, not sure my nephew would want me to turn up at his wedding in it!

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This is steampunk at its finest. Your finishing touches really make this amazing.

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