My first Temari ball embroidery project!

Fellow Lettuce-Crafters inspired me to seek out art experiences in my area. When I did, I was excited to find a workshop on Japanese Temari embroidery.

Here’s my first project!

It’s very wonky (strategically photographed to hide that :wink:). But I’m still super proud of it, because it took me about 11 hours to make it and my needle-holding fingers are throbbing!!!

Next time, I’ll have to be more patient with the measuring-and-math stage so it turns out more symmetrical.

A big thank you to @calluna for encouraging me!

Edited to add that these originated as kimono-recycling items; I thought that was very cool. Also, I think I’ll give one of these to my Japanese MIL this coming Christmas.


This looks amazing. Really beautiful! I am going to Google these when I get a chance!


Wowzer! I’ve never heard of these but the end result is magnificent!


Bravo! It was meant to be!
Temari ball construction is mind-boggling to me (if I took a class that might change! :wink:). To manage something so intricate, multicolored and geometrical on your first try, that’s pretty amazing.


Somethings I think that’s a craft all of its own! :joy:

It looks great. Good for you for trying something new!


I’ve never heard of that either, but it’s beautiful!


Gorgeous! Good for you trying a new craft, how satisfying not only to have done it but to have such a lovely ornament to give as a gift. Temari balls are fascinating but I’ve always wanted to make Yubinuki. Maybe this year…


I think it turned out wonderful! Your MIL is going to appreciate that you gave her something that is now part of both of your heritages!

@magpie…you so should try yubinuki…it is just as intricate on a much smaller scale but you can start with much simpler designs!


After I read your post I Googled Temari balls and holy-moly! What a neat craft! (They had it classified as a “toy” but there’s no way I’m letting someone play with one after all that hard work. :rofl:)

Yours is exquisite! I feel like it’d be so satisfying to lay those to threads perfectly side by side like you did. Instant gratification. :heart_eyes:


I’ve been a fan of Temari balls for some time but haven’t mustered the courage to try making one. @endymion yours is gorgeous and I love the colors! Yay you for taking on this amazing craft!


Well done! Learning how to make temari balls has been on my ever growing list of things to try for a while, did you follow a tutorial? What type(s) of thread did you use?


I went to a class at a museum not too far from me. Snagged the very last seat in the class!

The instructor had pre-made some “blanks” for us. You can make the core out of a lot of things; she used plastic grocery bags. Then she had wrapped them with baby yarn, then crochet cotton, then regular sewing thread.

We chose our own background color and wrapped the ball many, many, many times with that color sewing thread, trying as hard as possible to keep it a perfect sphere. This part, along with measuring and placing the guide lines for the designs, took almost two hours.

The designs are done with embroidery thread. We used mercerized perle cotton (the kind that comes in the twisty hanks.)


It is gorgeous!
And perfect for a first try, even if it is a bit wonky!

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I love it! I just picked up a book on temari from the library so it’s encouraging to see that your first ball looks so good!

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Well… it looks good from this angle, anyway!

My advice is to be very patient and scrupulous with your measurements.

Proud of you for finding new things to create!

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Thanks, everyone! I’m going to try to make a second one before I forget how to do it.

I do love that it originated as a recycling craft! My next one is going to have something jingly inside it and a core made of old dryer sheets and dryer lint. (To make the capsule for the jingle bells, you just tape two bottle caps together.)

Also, most people who make them for loved ones tuck a little paper in the core with a prayer or some well-wishes inscribed, and then consciously think of wrapping the person with love, as they wrap the ball. It’s a very beautiful art!


Wow! Beautiful!!

OOO beautiful. I used to make these years ago and had forgotten about them. I also did easter egg shapes. My kids may still have some. I think I have one left in the ornament box.

Very nice colors and pattern.

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I’d love to see yours!!!