My Knitted Cuckoo Clock

My favorite thing to do when I need to chill, is… I enjoy listening to my fav songs on my iPad or maybe to a good audio book with knitting needles in hand while they’re quietly working up a yarn of their own. Knitting is my “go to” when I want to take everything down a few notches…no thinking…just relax!

Typically, I will just grab a pattern and let “it” do the thinking for me, that is after all WHY I knit …to chill. I can create my own patterns and have…but THAT is a lotta work, and I have no interest in becoming a pattern designer. I do a lot of study-intensive research etc. which is why I sleep soundly every night!
But also typically, and almost right away, shortly after I start a knitting pattern, I start changing things!! I just CAN’T help it, I can’t seem to leave things alone, always thinking, what’ll happen if I do this? I have to mess with it! Then of course when I am done, it looks NOTHING like the pattern I started out to knit.

This was made as a result of my working one of Alan Dart’s pattern - his cuckoo clock. A picture of his clock is included here as well. Anyway, by the time I was finished this is how my cuckoo clock turned out.

I added a vine, some flowers and a gorgeous tree which is my favorite part.

The clock measures 16inches tall by 13 inches wide.

…and now hanging on the wall in the kitchen

…just love the way the tree came out, rubbed a cotton ball all over to look like moss

Alan Dart’s Cuckoo Clock (also too cute!)


yours is WAY better! I love the face of the clock and the tree is so lifelike

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Whoa, how cool!

Wow, I am in awe! What a gorgeous thing to have on a wall!

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Oh my goodness, look at all those details! I particularly love the windows with their little panes and shutters XD

Thank you, all! It is a bit of whimsy…even put the 6 backwards to add to it. Meant to do the 3, too…but forgot!

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OK, I have now seen it all. It’s fabulous and so practical. :smiley: …o much quieter than the wooden kind. I love the details, it is over-the-top cute!

HOLY CATS that is fantabulous! Love the vine! The tree!

How awesome is that?!

Woweee wow wow!!! This is something I never thought I’d ever see! And it’s amazing! Yours is so much better than the original!!!

Love your trees & vines!

:heart_eyes: I love your rendition of the knitted cuckoo clock! The detail is amazing!!

You totally improved on that pattern. I don’t know how you did this. Fantastic!

This is SO freaking cool!!! That tree! :heart_eyes:

I always say I can’t follow a pattern, but this is what I mean; there’s always a better way to do it.
Great job!

As a fellow knitter, this project makes me lose My MIND!!! I can’t even imagine all the shaping! And the ends! You’re a wild one!!

This is just astounding! Just WOW! :astonished:

This is phenomenal!

This is amazing!!!