My olympic career came to a close

in 2012 I joined the Ravolympics. I had done this many times completing an afghan, socks etc. In 2012 I joined to make a sweater. I fell in love with this pattern from Vouge and being the 2012 Olympics where in London it was so fitting!
I completed the full unit Jack back that year and then it went in time out before the closing ceremonies. Now every 2 week period the olympics have been held I have pulled it back out of time out and slowllyyy worked on it. I just came to despise the bobbins, the weight, the endless changing colors.
This was its year though and just before the closing ceremonies I seemed up the last sleeve!
I am retiring now from olympic knitting as a sport!


Pictures of it on or it never happened


Good for you for having the motivation to actually pull it out and work on it each time around! And major congrats for getting it done this year!


Oh, yes, of course my mind is blown. I trusted you’d know :wink:

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Wow, it looks great! Congrats on completing it!

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I never knew we had an Olympian in our midst, let alone one who has participated in so many :smiley: great job!


Yep this was total crazy commitment to a time out project! I had though of frogging it years ago but then UGH bobbins! We are off to the science museum today and some other places, I may wear it and a picture may occur though I am always the one taking them and never in them!


I think this is really cool! And you truly earn the gold for sticking it out and getting through it!

You have just the determination and persistance in the face of adversity to be an Olympian! Congratulations! And enjoy your retirement. AWESOME sweater!

It came out awesome!

Yay for perseverence! Gold medal for you!

:mermaid: YOWZA! Your fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :woman_fairy:

You deserve your gold medal (finally)!

Lovely! It looks so cozy!!!

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