My Summer-Time Comfort Food Kitchen-Sink "Goulash"

I discovered this gem last summer when my summer squash plants were proliferating out the wazoo.

I don’t measure anything and each time I make it, it contains different items. I’m sharing today because it have probably close to the most ingredients.

I fry it in olive oil and start the potatoes first. I like to add the sun-dried tomatoes and garlic in this step.

Summer Squash/Zucchini
Mushrooms (canned or fresh)
Sun-Dried tomatoes
Minced Garlic
Kalamata Olives
Onions/Green Onion
Canned Artichoke
Bag of smoked salmon (in the tuna aisle)

There is so much going on and so many flavors, one would think it would be gross, but I really like it.

One could easily add/take away ingredients to their taste.

Sometimes I sprinkle pepper and salt and even garlic salt.

I think I’ve added frozen spinach,too.


Or pass.

I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


What a fabulous way to use up all of those veggies that might be nearing the end of their life :+1:


I love mixes like this…it is a surprise each time as you change one or two ingredients. Sure do need recipes to use up all those zukes people pass on to you…lol…I can see how all of those strong flavors could compete but at the same time, add bursts of flavor…looks yummy to me! I am going to give it a try…I have everything already!