Nail experiment with U.V Resin

I made this Nail experiment with u.v resin…
Wasn’t that much sun so I did it under a
u.v lamp…Only …I don’t know how to take it of later but I will figure that out later…have them on for 2 days and it sticks very well…


Interesting technique! I imagine that UV resin would make a very strong “adhesive”!

Also, I love your Enterprise ring!


My goodness these are fun!


Wow! Fun! I’m especially digging that eyeball!! :grin:

I’d be interested to know how you eventually get them off.

Thanks…Yep is my favorite ring these days…

Ah…Yep the eyeball is a gonner already…yeah while I stìll had them on I was wondering myself how to get them of…well the eyeball fell of by itself…and there was still some resin on it…you can schratch it easily of…but I wouldnt do it on my bare nail cos I think that might give trouble…but I had put 2 layers of orange nailpolish under it…The ladybird and tĥe dice are still on…I will do some experiments with it later…