Nail Polish Flower Charms

That sounds fun!

@StudioANF lives near me and has picked up on my not so subtle hint to share :rofl:


This is a great way to use the unwanted nail polishes :smiley: Really adorable charms, great job

Wow, thank you for showing the in progress photos, too! I learned so much just from looking at those.

Can I come over, too?


Those are so cute. Look like a lot of fiddley work.

I agree with @sheepBlue … how big can you go :smiley:

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The more, the merrier!

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Oh wow! Very creative and I love how they turned out!

Really pretty. Well done my friend.

Ooh, I wanna come over and play with paint too! Those look so great. I can’t imagine how you fiddled with those teeny petals and got them all to stick together in the right positions to make such symmetrical and doubled layered blossoms. That’s amazing.
I painted wire with nail polish once, a heart shape to make a balloon for a teeny silhouetted figure in a bell jar. It really does work well. It’s so unexpected to see the polish fill the space at the swipe of the brush. Very cool stuff!


These are awesome! I never would have guessed they are wire and nail polish. Thank you for all of the in progress photos.

Those are fabulous! What a great idea, you must have a lot of patience to get everything looking so perfect.

What a neat idea! It reminds me of enameled metal.

I have seen these images on Pinterest before and I always thought: yeah right, as if that would work?!
But it did?? I am surprised! They look really cute! Great job!

I just made a couple of these for a project but I bent one continuous piece of wire to make 5 wee petals together rather than trying to glue them after the fact. I am still amazed at how beautifully you assembled all the teeny pieces.

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Will you post yours so we can see, @Magpie?

It’s part of a swap item so not yet but soon!

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Oh! I did that method the first time I tried the nail polish flowers. I’m not super adept at wire bending so it took me ages to get all the petals situated for one flower lol :joy:

project posted!

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The charms are adorable! This method has so many possibilities. Thanks for showing us how!

That’s a great technique!
Thanks for sharing.