Name buntings (for baby nursery)

When my kids were born 8 years ago, I made these name pennants/buntings for their (shared) nursery. The colors matched the sheets, bedskirts, mobile, crib quilts, and mural.

When DH’s friend had a baby last year, I decided to make the baby her own name bunting. Her mom texted a pic of her nursery, so I matched the colors as best I could from my stash. Still had to go to the store for a length of bias tape (and oh, the color-matching was a challenge – come on, Wrights, at least get your dye lots consistent), but was a pretty easy, fast, and inexpensive baby gift. Shown in my daughter’s room, just so you can see it hung up.

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These look great! I have “make buntings for baby’s room” on my crafty wish-to-make list and finally signed up for a “get to know your sewing machine” class so I can try my hand at fancy ones like yours. :slight_smile:

It is a thoughtful gift idea and Yay! stash busting!


I am ALL about the stash-busting.


These are beautiful! I love personalized baby things.


They are great, I love bunting!

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Such a unique way to personalize a room, and a beautiful gift for your friend’s baby. The ones for your children are darling. Who knows, they may show up in a college dorm one day!

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How wonderful to see your old buntings, and the new one. They all look amazing, and even if the colours aren’t completely the same I’m sure it’s still loved

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What a fun gift! And, yay for stash busting!

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These are great! Such a wonderful idea for baby gifts. Love it!

Those are cute and a great way to bust some stash.

I love bunting and the added personal touch is awesome!!!

Those look great, personalized is always so special :hugs: