Nancy Drew Laptop Vinyl

Hands down the best vinyl I’ve ever done. I’m mostly a paper crafter, but every now and then I do a little bit of vinyl.

This homage to Nancy Drew took two days to scan, trace, move elements, clean up, cut, and weed.

Here’s what the endpapers on the book look like:

My friend had one of the Nancys with the dark blue illustration and was able to send me a good scanned copy. After tracing it in CorelDraw and cleaning it up, I moved some things around to fit the cover aspect ratio, moved the moon over the apple, and created a separate vinyl mask for most of the apple.

When the laptop is on, the moon lights up.


I need this in my life. I am a huge Nancy Drew fan.

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This is amazing!!

Wow, that looks incredible. Nicely done!

My laptop is decorated with sugar skull bandaids to hide some spots of super glue. Because it’s a flat surface on my crowded work table…

That is so clever, to make it so that the moon lights up! It looks great!

This is awesome! I love Nancy Drew!

So cool and so clever!

All your hard work paid off! This adds so much charm to an electronic box!

Ooh, nice use of the glowing apple! (& so much detail!!)

Very nice! This is so much more enjoyable than a standard computer top. Who knew a computer could feel so cozy?

Amazing! I love Nancy Drew! And this is such a great homage. The glowing moon is perfect!

This is amazing! I love the use of the glowing apple. What a great project. Your time was definitely well spent. :slight_smile:

Amazing - what material did you use for this? Could I use anything here - Craft Vinyl - They have a 10% discount at the moment and some lovely colours.

It’s matte black vinyl that I believe I got at Joann Fabrics.

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Fab - thanks. I’ll give the black permanent matt a try - I’m going to start a bit simpler that you. Really lovley work.

Congratulations! Your project was one of the Best of 2021! Yoooooou ROCK!

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