Nature Photography

I love being out in nature and all it offers. Can’t get enough. We have many parks near us I frequent often. One day 2 yrs. ago and might I say, I love early morning best, I entered a quiet picnic area and what a morning it turned out to be for sure. I thought I was seeing a squirrel till I looked through my binoculars and saw a tiny baby fox. After watching it at a distance I could see where it went. I returned the next day early ready to stake out the spot. To my pleasure out popped the one I saw before. It played then go bored. The area was thick with brush. It looked down a hole and one by one they all appeared. I got 2 snaps only. This was my favorite. The one right in front was the one I saw. What a thrill. I am still smiling.


They are so cute! And you captured a great photo!!! :smile:

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It was an awesome day for sure. And blessed to be there. :slight_smile:

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What a perfect shot! It looks like one you’d find on a print in a gift store. So much more special to actually have experienced it. :fox_face:


This little road dead ends at a tiny picnic area. I have driven down that road more times then I can remember. That morning I almost passed it up, but something said, give it a try. So very glad I did. I was so excited to find them. Only about 5 weeks old. Playful bundles of cuteness. I started out a long distance away, but each time got a little closer. I never want to disturb nature. Like watching things play out. Thank you so much and glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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I love that little voice that says “give it a try” I have been making a solid effort to listen to it more. :wink:

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I get that :slight_smile: I try when I go out to my favorite place to make that time mine and think out side the box. That sometimes our everyday life, that is routine, sometimes stressful, full of unexpected events, can keep you from being creative. These times for renew my spirit :slight_smile:

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Ooh, they are SOOOO CUTE! And they are looking right your way too, that is a thrill!

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My squeal-o-meter would want to go off the charts.

But really I’d stand there, trying not to blink. Because that’s what happens when I see the real stuffs.

Great of you to get the shots. It looks like a children’s book!

I took all I had not to stop shaking with excitement!!!