Navy and orange lap blanket

I made this lap blanket for @Kwality570 in the holiday gift swap.
I didn’t use a pattern.
Its a half shell stitch (double, half, single all in the same stitch, skip a couple stitches, repeat) with a shell border - my fav!
And I randomly added in some contrasting orange stripes.


It’s so soft and snuggly! I adore this blanket. :slight_smile:

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wow that is amazing!
Love the color combo!

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Fantastic job! I used the same stitch on my Hygge Throw, and love how much interest and texture it gives, while such a simple combination.

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I really like the colors your chose. It looks so cozy.

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I have to admit when I saw orange and navy on Kwaliy’s questionnaire I was like um do they go together? lol. but the more I worked on it the more it grew on me.

LOL. According to my grad school they did. I just hated that when I received my masters degree it was in a royal blue robe with orange piping all over it, and a brown velvet hood. Not a great combo for wearing. Your version is a lot nicer, with that burnt deep pumpkin color.

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I love the colors and the subtle color variations in each yarn give added depth. Beautiful!


When I was in sixth grade, my school uniform was a navy skirt with an orange sweater…I loved that outfit so much and still love the combo…

I love blue and orange, and this blanket was da bomb!!!