Need advise on a collar for a dress

HI everyone,

I’m new here so please be nice… :slight_smile: .
I’m trying to do a dress which is a both formal enough so that I could wear it in the office, yet flexible and fun, with interchangeable collar.
So far I’m here:

The original idea was to have different types of collar to link front & back. My problem is that I cut the back probably too low, and now I can’t have the back linked with the collar:

Any idea how I could fix that?
My thoughts so far:

  1. Cut through and make a bare back, but the dress might become office inappropriate.
  2. Make a looser collar, but it might fall in an awkward way and look more like strap than collar.
  3. Add a piece on the back, but it might be really ugly
  4. Any other?

Does anyone has any ideas / suggestions / advises? Help please!

I love what I made so far and it fits, so it’s killing me…


Oh boy this is a tough one. Maybe a lace inset at the back?

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Thanks. Lace might probably still look odd compared to other fabric, like something out of place.
Maybe I could add some straps and attach to the collar. A bit like that (but probably in white):


At least it keeps consistent with fabric, the gap doesn’t look too revealing or awkward (does it? I’ll try to pull up as much as I can). It could looks like it had a design purpose and not just a mistake…

Any other ideas very much welcome…

Add a yoke to complete the back and maybe connect to the front. Like on oxford shirts.


I think I would do wide straps over the shoulders, making the collar slightly less structural, but I think a back yoke would work too.


Thanks. To keep collar as the central part (because that’s the fun part, interchangeable collars), I took the lace / yoke idea, but without fabric. :smiley:

Looks simple and does not distract. I’ll need to find some flat hooks and insert them within the collar. It’ll make changing collar a bit unpractical, but it should work.

I’ll add different collar to switch…Overall, it’s not as planned but doesn’t look bad.
Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll post picture of the final projects (probably later this week-end).


Nice save. It’s a great idea to have changeable collars…and fun!


That looks really cool!

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Thanks, I’m glad you like the idea… I finally finished the project (don’t mind the mess behind):


and I made three collars to switch so far. I don’t really like the third one so I might do more:



Looks great!

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Welcome, @Effy!

The white trim on the charcoal makes for quite a posh look. The interchangeable collars are FUN. You could even throw in one bright one for an unexpected pop, if you are going out after work!

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Thanks… I was actually thinking of doing one in a completely different material, like light purple lace… but I haven’t found the right material yet…