Needle book / storage tin

I made this for @storerboughtcreation in the OTT secret pal swap, and I was excited because my partner really IS my pal IRL! :blush:

I made her a needle book that could go with her everywhere because itโ€™s in an Altoids tin! I focused on her fave color, pink!

The little cupcake on the top left is actually a needle minder that she can leave attached to the tin, or magnetically attach it to her project. I embellished the top with some pretty trim I received from @madebyBeaG (thank you, it was perfect)! And another little cupcake, just for fun. :grin:

The needle book portion inside is held in by magnets and is removable, just in case. I also included a few cute pink buttons (and a crown- cause sheโ€™s awesome)! :smiley:

Thanks for looking!!


I love my needle minder tin! Itโ€™s perfect for an on-the-go project. All of my other minders or books are soft, so the needles can snag or stab or bend while in a bag. This keeps me safe (I am accident prone beyond belief). I love all of the buttons you included, too. I canโ€™t wait to find the perfect project to use them on! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So glad you like it!! :heart:

What a clever take on the classic needle book! And so thoughtfully personalized, too!


Thank you!

Very sweet!

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Love it! That was a fun swap

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Thanks, guys!

This is so cute! The magnets is such a smart addition.

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Thank you!

How adorable! What a great idea.

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Too cute!

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Thank you!!!

You are BRILLIANT! This is the best travel sewing kit container, very cute too. I think I might make one for myself. I needed to sew a button back on at work and didnโ€™t have any way to do it, did I feel silly! Iโ€™m going to stash a kit everywhere, lawd knows I have enough needles, thread, scissors and buttons to make about 80, haha!

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Thank you! If you make one, Iโ€™d live to see your version!