Needle Felted Bowl of Fruit Magnet

For the recent magnet swap, I needle felted a tiny bowl that I added a tiny needle felted apple, pear, and banana. The banana was the trickiest for me to make, and I think it was due to the small scale. I’m not super great with miniature, but for a beginner, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Very cute! Lovely little thing :orange_heart:

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It’s cute and fruits are perfect for a kitchen!

GREAT job. Did you take the bite out of the apple?

Side note: how many times have you stabbed yourself with those needles. I got into this for 5-6 months; 10-12 stabs later, I decided playing with clay was safer.

I’m so glad the magnet swap happened! I love seeing all of these posts from it. You did a great job!


Thus turned out cute!

Thanks so much everyone! When I set, I wasn’t sure how to make the bowl because I’d never needle felted anything in that way, but I was very excited to see that I could indeed make a bowl! And, if you look closely, my partner should be able to notice a slight color variation due to different color wool I used!

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Cute fruit! I keep thinking I’ll try needle felting, but never do it.

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