Needle Felted Cat, my Aug '23 Craft in my Style Entry

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been very remiss at attempting the Craft In Your Style - LC Edition , but I was inspired by August’s challenge, dusted off my minimal needle felting supplies (and purchased a better mat - on a lap table - so I can even work on the couch) and went to work.

One of the fun things about dabbling in crafts is that one many times has things on hand…like the wool felt base.

It’s 4x6 inches for a reason, but may be offered in STS. (I added a little more felt for dirt under the tiny legs after taking the picture.)

Click the link to the thread with the inspiration pic.

Thanks for looking.


Wonderful rendition! You got a lot of little details in a 4x6.


Show us a pic of the update! I think it looks very cute. I love it when I have all the supplies and can do a project on the fly.