Needle Felted Tiny Ball Garland

Having fun making felted balls…but wanted something other than the caterpillars.

Enter, a simple ball garland.

It’s about 40" end to end with about 50 hand felted balls.

Between each ball is a knot to help keep them slightly separated. It took me about 4-5 hours total to make.

This’ll most likely be offered on STS.

Thanks for looking!


Cheerful and cute! It would really brighten up a mantle or Christmas tree.

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Great colors!

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This looks like summer on a string to me! And it looks like you had a good time!

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It kinda reminds me of any Dr. Seuss land.

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It does remind me of summer as well…lemons and limes!

I use those felted balls between other things I string…I didn’t think of knotting the string to keep them in place…I am always fussing with them moving around…duh…ha ha

Thanks for sharing…those felted balls also make great acorns for fall… (hint hint)…I bought a few off etsy and could use more… :grin:

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I just googled the acorns and I see what you mean!

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