Needle felted weightlifting cat

This little guy was needle felted then I added a wooden weight bar. He has a magnet in his base to help him hold still while lifting (his arm move). He also sat on an automata base so you could turn a crank to watch him lift, but evidently I gifted him without taking a picture of that part.

It was a valentine secret gift to a friend who loves cats and cross fit.


He’s so darn cute!!

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I love him! He’s so cute! and fit!

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Such a strong cat with those wee little weights. Very cool.

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Neat-o! How does he move, the tail going down makes the arms go up?

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No, just his arms. A little wire runs up to his left elbow to go up and down.

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This is so cute and fun!

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So creative!

OMG. He is amazing!

Wow! I love me some automata… Wish I could see yours in action!!! He’s adorable.

That’s adorable!!

I’ll have to see if I can get her to send me a video. :wink:

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Cute and fun! Great work!!

He is wonderful. I love the fact that he is animated as well. Such a lovely gift

three cheers for your inventive, creative piece! and it’s personal to your friend - how freaking funny!!!

Pump your body, to the top!


Nifty! What a fab gift for your friend.

That is just awesome and adorable. I bet your friend adored it.

Very sweet!!

I just love this site!

Adorable cat :smiley: and even if we can’t see the automata base I’m sure it looks amazing :smiley: