Needle/Wet felted Bangle

Made of Merino fiber worked over a wire armature. I’ve also made similar bracelets worked over a piece of string. The wire makes it easier to do the needle felting required. The string makes it easier to do the wet felting.



I love the colors. You really have a talent for this.

So gorgeous. The texture is amazing.

All of your bracelets are so lovely :slight_smile: I really love the mix of fibers. How do you get the wool to catch onto the wire when you start?

Beautiful work! I love your choice of turquoise with the brown.

And they were all wonderful. And I adore them, very muchly!

I hold the starting fiber ends against the wire while I wrap until I’ve wrapped all the way around once. Secure those fibers with my felting needles and continue wrapping and felting until I think I have enough. :wink:
It’s not the same as when making tiny mice fingers and you want the fiber to “adhere” to the wire. With the bracelet the wire is there to give me something to wrap around and help to determine the size of the bracelet. Hope that makes sense.

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Thank you!!
I have an idea for a variation that I want to try, but I need to improve my soldering skills as the wire would be a bit more complex.

Totally makes sense! Thanks for explaining @Harlan :blue_heart:

It’s so pretty, I love the squiggly lines :smiley: great job.