Needlepoint in memory of Jujube

Here is one I completed and never posted a couple years back, when the sweet @kittykill pup Jujube passed away. Kittykill’s furry kids have always made me happy, and I’ve never even met them, so I could only imagine how hard it is in their house when one of these lights stops shining. So when I saw that she was seeking Jujube art, I really wanted to jump on a project.
I stole a photo kk had posted of her (sorry for the theft), drew the wings and halo digitally, then converted the image into a chart using one of the free sites that offer this service. I lived hours from a major craft store at that time, so the only hoop I could find was a little smaller than I’d intended, so a lot of her and the clouds needed to be removed (after stitching, ugh) to fit.
Now that I’m looking at it I am uncertain whether it was needlepoint or cross-stitch; my eyes and memory are failing me! :nerd_face: I see various things I wish I’d done a little differently, but I’m going to learn from those instead of kicking myself.:slightly_smiling_face: So from that mindset, I welcome suggestions for other stitches and techniques you would recommend to make something like this technically-better.
It’s intentionally hard to see, but in the clouds it says “good girl”. She was certainly a special girl, who won’t be forgotten!


This is such a special and wonderful way keep the memory of Jujube.

How wonderfully kind :slight_smile: being able to remember the good times with a furry family member os always appreciated, and this needlepoint is just wonderful

Oh my. That’s such a sweet, kind and thoughtful gift!

JuJube was indeed a special dog…what a special way to remember her!.

I love this! Absolutely warms my heart.

What a lovely, touching gift. I appreciate the subtle intention behind hiding the words. Although you removed many items, I appreciate how this fills the space. Great job. :metal:

I love this so much and it hangs in my house so I can see it every day. She watches over the house. It is with the little painting of Kato and Lola you sent me. Thank you so much for this. She was the dog who didn’t know she was a dog. She was the forever teenager. :heart::heart::heart:

Oh the stories we could tell, right @Drtonguestoys?


This is so beautiful! The design with the text and elements you added is wonderful! I think having it fill the hoop right to the edges actually works really well.

Even though you could make some tweaks to make it more uniform and according to the technical “rules”, honestly, I think that would flatten it and take something away from it. The more embroidery I look at, the more I enjoy uniqueness and texture and the personality of the subject and the maker.

My suggestion - make moar stuff!!


That is so gorgeous and such an incredible tribute

Sweet Jujube! I used to work near @kittykill’s house as a lab courier and would drive past her house multiple times a day. I loved seeing the 3 Jacks in the window!! This is nuts, but I’m literally sitting here watching a show kittykill recommended and crying because it’s a sad episode. And then this popped up! So just crying a little more now, it’s fine!