Neocolors 11 suggestions needed which colors to add to these?

Looking for colors, which do I add to this collection of 16.
No neutrals, no black.
I have Ruby red, Rose, Pink, Pink metallic. Apricot, Salmon, Salmon pink, Vermillion,
Scarlet, Carmine, Light cadmium red, Bright green. Lime green, Sahara yellow, Naples yellow. Golden cadmium yellow.
Looking to add approx 10 more colors. What do you suggest I buy?

What kind of colors are these, I’m not familiar with the brand? But I would suggest some blues and purples to round out your color wheel.

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They are really nice pigmented watercolor crayons.

I second blues and purples and maybe an orange.

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When buying mixable colors, I get pure primary red, yellow, & blue; magenta, turquoise, black, white, and brown. Most everything else can be mixed from those. Magenta is great for mixing both purple and orange.

But if you use certain colors a lot, it’s handy to buy them premixed.

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