Neon door stoppers

My dad asked me to make three door stoppers in bright colors. I grabbed the three brightest colors I have, grabbed some cardboard, and made these. I filled them as full of fish gravel as I could, rounded out at the end with a little bit of polyfil, and sewed the opening closed

I hope they’re heavy enough (and tall enough… they’re barely tall enough for our apartment doors) to keep the doors open.


Materials used:
Worsted weight yarn
G hook (4mm)
Cardboard or plastic canvas
Small amount of polyfil
Craft needle
Fish gravel

Terms used (US terms)
Hdc - half double crochet
MR - Magic ring
Inc - increase
BLO - back loop only
Dec - decrease

Pattern: (all stitches are hdc)

  1. 12 hdc in MR
  2. (Inc) x12 (24)
  3. (Hdc, inc) x12 (36)
  4. (Hdc 2, inc) x12 (48)
  5. (Hdc 3, inc) x12 (60)
  6. In BLO, hdc around (60)
    7 and 8. Hdc around (60)

Trace the base of your work onto cardboard or plastic canvas and cut out. Trim down as needed to fit inside the base and continue crocheting around with cardboard inside.

  1. (Hdc 3, dec) x12 (48)
  2. (Hdc 2, dec) x12 (36)
  3. (Hdc, dec) x12 (24)
  4. Dec x12 (12)

Pour fish gravel into the opening, filling as full as possible without spilling. I used a little bit of polyfil to then finish rounding out the edges and filling in the top.

  1. Dec x6 (6) finish off.

Use your sewing needle to close the remaining hole. And you’re done!


What a great idea! I was just thinking I needed a door stop. Why didn’t I think of crocheting it? Yours look great!

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Such a clever idea! They’ll be plenty heavy to hold doors open, but not to dangerous for the inevitable toe-stubbing!

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Very clever!!!

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The gravel is staying inside well? You must have made them tight crochet! They remind me of pouf. Um…a tuffet! Yes! Or a mouse-sized bean bag chair.

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The rocks are staying in just fine. I did half double crochets around. I can write the pattern really quick.

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Crochet isn’t my first language😆 so I’m not sure what a half double crochet is! Original knitter here.

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I learned to knit when I was 11. I learned to crochet when I was 26. You could probably find a way to adapt this for knitting.

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I typed up a pattern and added it to the original post


Thank you!

I imagine that a smaller version would work well as pattern weights. They look great, so bright and cheerful!

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I’d have a hard time not playing with those, bet they feel like giant hackey sacks!

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