Nesting eggs

My favorite customer always comes up with a new challenge for me. She asked for natural colored eggs that she could put things in and that closed with sewing hooks. She wanted them all different sizes. I realized after I made them that they actually fit inside each other like nesting dolls :blush:


These are really cool!!

What an interesting challenge! I like the happy discovery that they next together as that makes the storing if them easier, too. Nice execution!

These are way better than the plastic variety!


The neutral colors are great. And I love solutioning. But did she happen to mention what she wanted to use them for?

These are so dang charming! I love the calming variety in the natural colors and simplicity of the hook and eye closure.

Iโ€™m always up for a challenge and this one was great! Way to think outside the โ€œeggโ€

Those are so fun!

What a fun set!

Thatโ€™s so fun!

She said she wanted to hide things in them for Easter for her nephew, but she chose natural colors so they could be used beyond that.

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Clever!!! And washable!

These are cute and I love the natural feel.

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Those are awesome and a nice surprise that they can nest like that.

Congrats! Your Nesting Eggs are one of this weekโ€™s featured projects. You are awesome!

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These are so fun! What a great way to hide Easter surprises :smiley:

Very cute! Theyโ€™d look at home in a set of play food and the functional aspect is a bonus :slight_smile: