Netflix Watching Blanket

I had such a fun year chatting with one of the leading teachers at school about good shows to watch on Streaming services…so I knew I wanted to make her this blanket for Christmas.

I had seen an embroidery machine file online but when the time came, couldn’t find it, so I just decided to design it myself…true me style :wink: I used a 5x7 hoop and manually traced the Netflix logo to get it to look just right … I don’t often have much luck with the “auto” option in the softare :confused: The blanket is a plain, store bought fleece blanket. My friend gave me a piece of sulky water soluble interfacing to go over the top of the fleece and I’ve since bought myself a bunch more to use with polar fleece projects.

The recipient absolutely LOVED it and used it to decorate her office at work, before taking it home at the end of the year.


This is so well done… and very thoughtful, too!

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What a fun project! And it turned out so well; you really nailed that logo!

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Fun! Awesome that you designed it yourself too!

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That came out awesome!

Also, what design software do you use, and do you like it?