Neurographica, anyone?

I think it is very calming and a really good stress relief. If you try, i bet you want to do more :slight_smile:

You can also do this with a theme, example healt, or a problem you struggle with. Write down words related to your theme , as many as you can think of during 10 seconds. Do this on the back of your working sheet. The instructor i watch says you can do this with any problem, any issue… it will help the brain to prosess your theme in a different way.

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Thank you , Magpie
It really is both fun and interesting to do :slight_smile:
And sooo relaxing. .

These are the envelopes I did in that style, not exactly following the rules, but there are many different rules.

Shiny watercolor background.


These are beautiful, Edel !
I like the colours , and, well as you say, there are lots of rules… so i desided to follow the most important ones ( like start and go off edges, rounding ) and trow a shoe after the other ones as long as i enjoy the process :wink:
You made great , beautiful art !

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@LadyLime thank you for taking the time to explain Neurographica to me, it sounds intriguing and I think I’m definitely going to have a try when I get a chance. I will report back when I’ve done so :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I think you’re right, the rounding of intersections and carrying the kind to edge of the page seen to be the most consistent rules. I love how your line in your first one is really wavy. It looks great.

Mine were done backwards, as in I did some random painting on the envelope and then used the line to outline the shapes, adding in circles here and there. However you do it, it is nice and relaxing

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I’ve never done this but the outcome is striking!

That sounds like something i try , coloring / paint first and draw lines later… bet that was interesting to do !
My challenge with this artform is that i m a controlfreak. And this is intuitive and not predictable … so i never know how it will come out, but that part is also fun and interesting at once

So glad i could help with explaining :slight_smile: i am going to get a little block or something that i can have in my bag for use while waiting at appointments at the doctor, or the dentist or something… ihate waiting, time just stops. What a great way to spend that time, with just paper and a pen. Can colour it later, as long as the rounding gets done .


Trying something else


Yeah. Great ! I can see missed rounding… Can you see it?

Upper left quadrant?

A new mix



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That’s really cool. Like zentangle in a dreamscape.

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Thank you :slight_smile: its my first try at zentangles, so …uhm…a little messy. But it was fun trying! And i mean, if you cant sleep at night, at least you can calm your mind down. I m trying to learn more, and i need thinner tipped pens for this, i think.

I wonder how this would look on coloured paper… i know i got some smaller sheets of coloured paper somewhere…

I love looking at these @LadyLime :slight_smile: Did you do the red one by drawing/tracing a lot of circles first?

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Thank you, PrincessP
Yeah, if i remember correctly that one exercise is called "40 circles "
I lost count…

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