Never Take your Friends for Granite!

Prim and Pageant are going on a quest (I guess)

(I’m tired)


You have outdone yourself!


AMAZEBOULDERS! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh my gosh, incrediboulders! Wow!


I saw the progress pics, but they didn’t do any justice to the final project. :astonished: Absolutely incredible work! There are so many details to admire! I particularly like the thread/floss wrapped legs.


So, so cool! Love those wings, and that you managed to get the one to ride on the other. I hope you add more pictures when you are less tired. Totally amazing!!!


Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


I want to be part of their quest. Part of their world. I would be their humble servant and bake them cookies. Special dragon cookies. I’m not sure what that entails, but I’d bake them anyways.


Thank you!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@MistressJennie I will have to tell my son about your offer to make Prim & Pageant dragon cookies!! That would go over BIG TIME!!!

There is a long history in this household of the Pookies (Daikin Fun Farm lions that I named collectively after Soupy Sales’ lion puppet) nightly going out in the TARDIS (one of our cars in disguise) to Dunkin Donuts to feast and play field hockey on a rink of pistachio ice cream with crullers and raspberry filled donuts (so that Lothar could at some point in the evening slash open the raspberry filled donut with his rubber Freddy Kruger glove and proclaim “Ooooo gross”!

All our creatures here are VERY food motivated!! VERY!!

Lothar and the original crew are no longer with us, but we managed to adopt others: That’s Jean Luc in the back and Toulouse in the front. Hidden in the middle, guarded by the cardinal, is a carved box filled with cat whiskers.
I collect cat whiskers, but I think the Pookies threaten the cats with voodoo should they ever attempt to harm one of their family even in “play”.

We told our son a lot of interesting stories when he was young. :slight_smile: We still talk about them to this day and he’s 32!


MAGICAL! Amazing work as always. :sparkles:

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The mask markings just sharpens the impact of the dragons face and colorations could be expecting or camouflaging in turns, great for adventuring. Love the tiny fangs!

The mouse is adorable with their little crown hat. They look brave and kind, a good friend for the dragon. Thanks for sharing them.

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Those wings really look magical! What a great piece of art!

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I am in awe of your skill! And I love the story about taking the Pookies in the TARDIS on an adventure!

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So phenomenal.

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Absolutely astonishingly brilliant!!

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Thank you all !!! :slight_smile:


Spent a portion of yesterday trying to calculate how to weight the tail sufficiently that I can pose a dragon on it’s back legs without a prop. I have a couple of different options that should work!


Ohmygoodness!!! This is just so amazing!! And you did it so FAST! Wow!

I love all the little stories you come up with. I would love to see adventures featuring these two. What an amazing children’s book that would make. (I know… the children’s book thing has been discussed before. It still holds merit in my opinion.)


You are amazing! The colors, the little feet, those wings! The itty crown, fabric folds, and big ears!

Yep, I concur, I think a children’s book would be charming.

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