Never Too Early for Halloween

I was paired with @goatgoddesss in the most recent Felt badge Swap. I laughed when one of themes was “candy corn”. It took me down a rabbit hole of nostalgic and often gross Halloween candy that I remember from my own childhood.

The first badge I made was just of candy corn. It was made during a zoom meeting, as we discussed that people either love or hate candy corn. I love them…and, it seems there are several ways to eat them…I like starting at the top. How do you like to eat them? (that is, if you are not a hater… :rofl:).

Anyway, the first badge was “lost”, so not sure of it’s fate, I made a second one depicting not only candy corn but also other common Halloween candies. Do you recognize them? I can’t even think to eat the other ones…especially black licorice…

As it turns out, the PO destroyed the envelope of the first badge, but managed to get me the contents. So, in the spirit of loving what I made for my partner, I sent it to her. I know she loves Halloween!

Thanks for looking.


They are so fun!

These are so nostalgically charming!

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Super cute!

I like both your takes on the theme… these are great!

These are both fantastic. I didn’t realize people had certain ways to eat candy corn! :laughing: My favorite way is not at all! :see_no_evil:

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Candy Corn is the sweets of the Gods! I am obsessed! I eat it by the bagful, unfortunately, so I only allow myself one bag at Halloween-time. I can’t be trusted near it.
The badges are fantastic! All those tiny stitches and all those great nostalgic candies! Wax lips! And those peanut butter candies in the orange wrapper, what were they called? Peanut butter kisses? My Mom loves those. I especially love the orange border peaking out from the first one. Both are very charming.

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We are soul sisters when it comes to candy corn! I buy the littlest bag I can find…once and done…

Yeah, peanut butter kisses…they come in black and orange wrappers each year…I don’t like PB, so they are not in danger of being eaten in our house (by me!).

I guess kids now want chocolate or gummies…

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I wonder what Halloween nostalgia will be like for the next generation! Such a fun idea for a felt badge. I love them both!

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Both are super! I bite the colours apart, nom!

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lol me, too, starting at the top…tried it from the bottom and almost always lose the tiny white top!