New account set up is not working

my 13 year old is trying to sign up as a member. The “create new account” is not working correctly, at least not on our phones. The form cuts off just above “crafts I’d like to learn”. There’s nowhere to enter username or password! :flushed:

@sweets4ever can definitely help you with this one.

Hey there! Could you tell me which phone and browser you are using, please? Be certain to include the browser version, too.

I have an iPhone and using safari. Not sure how to find out the other info you are asking for…

BTW, we were able to sign him up on my laptop

I had this issue to start with too.
I’m on Samsung S10e and using samsung internet.
I’m trying to remember how I sorted it, I know it was such a little thing …
Let me play, and I’ll be back when my brain works!

Not sure brain works yet, but back with more info.
Yeah, the form doesn’t work properly in mobile view, can’t see top of it, but it works ok if you switch to desktop mode. New it was something simple I’d done, but then most people would think to switch modes.

Sorry, should have flagged this st thr time but was so excited to be here!

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I had trouble on Android Galaxy s10 using Firefox 2 days ago. No problem on laptop w firefox

Could you describe the issue you experienced, please?

Sorry, Galaxy S9, but Android 10. Firefox 68.1.1 is what my browser says

Sorry, it let me fill in several boxes to start process of creating account but wouldn’t let me do questions after, I think, washi or glitter, and didn’t keep responses when I tried to reopen page to finish creating account

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Thank you so much for the info! I will investigate further.