New craft space - pic heavy!

So you may have heard my tales of trekking to Ikea 3 hrs away chanting “I am not going to do the craft room!” and then I go and buy a long table top for the craft room, which meant I WAS dinging the craft room.
I don’t have a lot of before pics handy but here were in process with my helpers

Then after we primed and did 2 coats of paint to go from depressing dark gray to a very light Pink (which my daughter still claims its white and was a total waste of her time)

The center island is 4 carts held together on casters But I can break apart into 2 sections when I need floor space and there’s tons of built in storage

The old peg boards got a facelift I had to prime one then decoupaged with a botanical tissue paper. Now I don’t have to revoke holes you can see them through the tissue paper and when I want to add something the peg board accessories pop right in

Now I have long expanses to set up all my machines and have zones for more fiber related crafts, more paper and my WFH area

![IMG_2396|375x500, 50%]

The other wall which is long with no outlets, no heat registers etc was perfect for wall to wall storage

Uploading: IMG_2506.JPG…

Then to top it all off some new plants! And I began hanging up all the hoopla and wall art I have swapped with you all through the years! I also have 3 Godey catalog pages from about 1860 time frame hung where the sewing station is, so befitting

Still micro organizing to go but its been super functional and great so far!


Wow! It looks fantastic!


I love your craft room! And I spotted a loom! :heart_eyes: My craft room is my dining room table so I aspire to having an actual room.

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I have loom issues! Theres actually 4 looms in the craft space, the large Harris floor loom, 2 beka RH on stands and a little doby counterbalance loom. BUT I have more LOL they just can’t all fit in here!


Some of us are covetous.

And happy for you at the same time! Wow! What a room!


What a phenomenal transformation!


I can relate to that. I won’t admit to how many looms I have (because then I’d have to count) but will say that they’re taking over my house and live in more rooms than they don’t :joy:


I have 14 lol do I weave? almost never! can’t stop buying looms though!

@Bunny1kenobi soon you will be in that forever home!


We call that OLAD (obsessive loom acquisition disorder) :joy:

I counted and I only have 12 :joy:. Luckily only 3 floor looms, the rest are smaller (table loom, rigid heddle, tapestry, Gilmore wave looms, etc). I really want a 32 shaft compudobby, but space and :moneybag:


I can tell the wall is pink in your last pictures! It adds a touch of feminine class. Lovely craft room. Did I hear correct that you do WFH in there too? Nothing would get done for work if I was near my crafts everyday. Nothing! LOL!
It all looks so organized and clean. Perfect for inspiration and crafting.


Dude! This kicks butt! And I’m super envious of that center island! Looks great

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I seriously have OLDA! I didn’t count the pin looms in that either!

The pink is called Delicate awwww

I do WFH here I am being pretty disciplined of keeping that station for WFH the others craft only so the 2 areas stay separate even being together. I can reach and grab a few things to work on and during a break or lunch etc I can happily craft away so its a nice work/craft balance. I am loving the island. It came about because not planning an don’t measuring I just kept buying pieces that weren’t working so I had 3 modular units at counter height so decided to add the 4th and the tops. Underneath there are brass clips that clip both sides of the top together and locking casters so its a nice stationary spot for cutting and then breaks down in seconds and moves out of the way. Its also adjacent to the kitchen so come holiday and get together times I could move the islands out there for additional counter space!

What a fabulously organized area! You are a master at renovations! This looks so perfect and useful. I love the idea of the modular center island that you can break apart. Great idea!

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That’s a very nice room now!
I love the idea to decoupage your pegboard! I didn’t know that was a possibility!
A lighter room feels so much better than a darker room, so surely no waste of time there! It’s look great!

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SWOOOOOON! Wow! I love how you’ve organized it and made zones! And love the idea of decoupaging pegboard with tissue! Simply brilliant.

Hahahaha…classic. I love the subtle pink!

What a wonderfully creative space!!

Looks awesome! Seriously well done.

What a wonderful space! :heart_eyes:

lol she’s also 8 I’m in for a long ride with this one!!!

The space has been working out fantastic! I put it off forever never really buying and doing what I wanted and always kind of living with what I had…OMG I am just going to say if you can, do it! Its made a huge difference having a space I set up and designed to do what I do instead of folding tables and old carts and stuff everywhere! Besides also making me happy!


The best thing about having the dedicated space (when it’s tidy) is being able to just craft and not do the whole set up and pack up as part of your crafting time.

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