New lampshades

I have been using my son’s lamp in the livingroom for a few years now. It never was my style and now after a decade since it was purchased the smaller shade was falling to pieces every time you bumped it. I have been wanting to find a solution to replace both shades. I had considered replacing both with something crafty e er since it made its way into my space.

This week I was changing the bulb on the upper light and the shade fell off. The shape reminded me of a basket I had made and luckily the open weave was a perfect fit. Today I made a smaller shade for the other light. I didn’t have a pattern to follow for this one but it came together quickly. Now it suits my taste much better.


Very cool and unique!

What a beautiful transformation

I love the shadow play your new shades create! Lovely work!!!

Great upcycle! I still would not have known how to make a second, so good on you!

What a smart fix. Looks good!

Looks great! Very crafty.