New linen roman blackout shades

13 years in this house and we finally finished the upstairs bedroom window trim and I just added new linen roman blackout shades. Not a complete blackout, I still like to know when it’s morning, but it keeps the neighbor’s side light from keeping us awake. We replaced the windows when we moved into our 1950’s house. I hung a “temporary” full curtain across the windows and we just never finished them off. The full curtain was a pain to tie back and always interfered with a fan or air conditioner.

It’s a window seat that currently holds all the pillows and comforters from the guest room, which is currently the foster kitten room. Plans are to paint the room and I think I’ll have fun with the window seat, but right now it’s just toooooo dang hot to attempt any painting. We’ll wait until we get the guest room back so we can sleep in there while the paint off-gasses…even low voc paint smells a bit too much for sleeping. And we may remove the tiny closets that bracket the window seat anyway. Pretty useless. But that will take some thought on where to put another closet.



Nice job! I really like this style of shades.

Nice! I love the mechanics of Roman shades. It’s like magic!

WOW! These look great! I’ve made a few roman shades and getting everything square and straight on something so large can be a challenge, but so well worth it when you get them hung up!

Wow! They look great!

Thank you, it feels so good to get this one done. I did start with a pair of cheap linen look drapes that appeared from somewhere…probably in a fabric donation box. But the weave was just too loose. I did have just the exact right amount of left over black out curtain fabric which was a left over from a church project to cover windows for slide shows.

So…I hemmed and hawed and used the linen fabric I had purchased for another project. That was hard, but then I just reordered more!

I love the linen look, so clean and fresh. Now, what color to paint the putty colored walls in the bedroom? I’m leaning towards a nice clean warm white. We have dark antique furniture. Hmmm.