New notebook

I’ve a collection of journals that I’ve made and filled. They are stitched signatures with fabric covered card covers. I used them for everything from thoughts, planning, travel and shopping lists. I got the initial idea from a journal @Phizzychick showed on deadster. Since then I have a growing collection of journals and this is my latest one.

The fabric is from spoonflower and the paper is heavy mixed media paper with some scrapbook papers added in.

The set of filled ones.


It’s just lovely! I love the mixture of pages.

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ooooh. I am a notebook junkie. I always have at least three in progress and make a new one for each year. I love the fabric. What a classy mermaid.

I love it! and I like how you use your notebooks for everything. I end up with multiple notebooks at once, art, lists, work stuff, etc.

Really lovely! I also like your idea of using one journal for everything and when it is full, just make another…it is too hard to juggle multiple notebooks like I do now…

I think I am going to start 2021 using this idea…

Plus, you get to make another one with such pretty things…your collection is a work of art!


The cocktail mermaid cover reminds me of a cocktail napkin my parents had when I was a kid. Mermaid on barstool; bartender tells another customer, “She drinks like a fish!”

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Super duper cute! The fabric looks like Miss Fluff.

Ha! That’s hilarious.

@AIMR it actually took me ages to start using the one notebook for everything. But when you look back over old journals it’s really cool because you have a snapshot of everything in your life at that point.

@geekgirl using just one means there’s soon an excuse to make another. New stationery excuses are a good thing

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They look SO gorgeous there on the shelf together like that! I have been using boring notebooks for years because I am not neat or tidy or artsy in them so I never think my daily journal/timetable belongs in a “nice” book. You’ve convinced me though, I am going to start making my own of a standard size and line them up just like that over the years.

As an aside, whatever could that sassy fish be drinking? Some delicious salty cocktail, surely. LOL! I found a list of those to try, here it is. The Cucumber Mint is my pick, I have a bottle of Chartreuse just sitting on the shelf waiting to mixed up into something spectacular. Maybe I could use a journal like yours for cocktail recipes, hmmm…

I think she’s drinking something very sweet to counteract all the salt, but they look like really interesting recipes.

I’m not neat in my journal at all! The one thing I do is at the end of each journal, I put an index in the front, so I can find things like patchwork patterns or particular recipes

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Oh, that is clever! I’ll think about that. It’s nice when the books on the shelf are pretty, at least from the outside!

I’m ready for a new book to take notes when I see the doctor. I’ve just been using a composition book with a pretty cloth cover, but this time, I’m planning to use all the one-sided printouts and bills to make a notebook.

First off, this journal is gorge. Second, I am also very interested in this notion of just putting all the things in one notebook! The index takes it to the next level. It’s so much simpler to just have one notebook to keep track of and then to have a journal-in-retrospect… I’m diggin’ that idea!

All lined up, with pages and pages of secrets. Nobody would ever know…