New Project in the Works. (Already overwhelmed!)

I’ve envied these little cross-stitch project bags forever and I thought it’d be a GREAT idea to do it myself. You know…teach myself some new skills. I just downloaded the pattern/tutorial and at first glance…I’m quite overwhelmed. I’m going to give it a good try but gosh darn, it’s going to stretch all my not-so-proficient skills to do this.

Here’s a picture of the finished project (the inside at least)

And here’s a link to the listing:

I don’t really have any point in posting this. Just send some moral support my way! (And any good will offerings of help if I get stuck!)


I love this! Yet another thing I wouldn’t have known about had i not checked our site. :slightly_smiling_face: Take it slow, and go your own path if you need to.


That looks very cute and appears to really just be a bunch of rectangles, I’m sure you can do it if you take your time and tackle it step by step. And if you feel confused by anything, there are lots of experienced stitchers and pattern readers/drafters here to tap for help. I went to school for design and am pretty sure I could sew that unit simply from the photos so feel free to ask any time you’ve got a question :).


It looks great and definitely take up @Magpie on that offer, she’s very clever with that sort of thing

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I find when I’m knitting a new thing if i read over the whole pattern for a general understanding of what’s to come but then only let myself fret and focus on my current step it helps a lot. If you’re using a printout of the instructions maybe keep a blank paper on top that you move to reveal the step you are on and no later steps to help alleviate some of the overwhelm?


That is super cute, and definitely looks like it’s just a lot of little steps that only look intimidating because they’re all together. (Just treat it like a to-do list, and cross the steps off one at a time!)

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That’s cool!
I take my embroidery along by shoving everything I might need in a plastic bag.
Something like this would be a huge upgrade.

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Honestly, that’s what I do too. I should make something for myself. Maybe I’d enjoy embroidery more with a fancy case.

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@Magpie Thank you for the advice! I keep re-reading the directions I think there’s a couple parts I want to ask about before I start but overall, it might be okay.:crossed_fingers:

@edel Yes, I may have too! :see_no_evil:

@AntBee @thanate You know, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m gonna pretend each step/section is its own project in itself. And then I can pay myself on the back for each section completed. :blush:

@magpie @steiconi I usually use a reusable shopping bag or a tote bag. And it works just fine. I have a tin I keep in the bag with all my floss and accessories in. I just thought this was so cute and fancy!

This looks like a super cool project! I agree with everyone about just taking it step by step after looking through the whole thing and not pressuring yourself about the all the steps, you will be just fine! I can’t wait to see this in the finished projects!

And I am just so proud to be part of a group that has so much encouragement and expertise to share!